About Us

We’re a team of musicians and Artist advocates who are working to collect and broadcast inspiring stories & beneficial information for all professionals working to enhance their careers in the music industry.  Our hosts have experienced firsthand the challenges that come with working in our industry.  We help our listeners understand the risks while working toward building stable, profitable music careers.  

The music industry is being renewed; we understand the huge opportunities this provides for independent Artists.  But, Artists need a lot of help understanding where to begin navigating the new terrain.  The music industry is no longer controlled by labels owned by large corporations.  While it used to be every musician’s dream to get signed to one of these top labels, it is now riskier than ever because many of these giants are going out of business and treating Artists worse than ever before.  

The new music industry is controlled by music fans and Artists who understand how to connect with them.   We interview industry professionals who are successfully navigating the industry and we share their valuable tips and resources.

Interested in sharing your story with our audience? Contact us to apply or nominate someone you know to be interviewed.  We look forward to hearing your story!

Meet our Hosts:

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Faye Nicolette Founder of ExtremeLiveMusic.com a promotional network that allows all musicians access to the tools and exposure they need to develop and promote independent music careers.



Tony Rockliff Founder and public speaker at Indietrak, Artist, Record Producer & Online Marketing Expert with years of research spent developing strategies to conquer the music industry’s new business environment. Find out more about Tony and who he’s worked with here.


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