Raising Money with Crowdfunding with Indiegogo’s Garrett Grohman

We talk with Garrett Grohman about preparing, launching and successfully raising money with the original Crowdfunding platform- Indiegogo.com


  • Crowdfunding is creating huge changes for independent Artists and creative people.  Listen to what some bands have done to earn a spot as a featured campaign.  Also, check out great examples of pitch videos on our resources page.  We cover all of the must-do’s.  Get your pen and paper ready for this show, we cover some very valuable tips to fund your next creative project.


Find out more about Indiegogo here: https://www.indiegogo.com/


How your Contacts Can Launch your Career with Nicky Baker



  • Nicky is a singer/songwriter who has had successful hits and toured the world.  She’s written for very many well-established artists, including Angelique Kidjo, David Charvet and the 3rd-bestselling French artist, Anais Croze. She shares with us the importance of following your musical passions and never allowing yourself to stray too far from your creative purpose.

Find out more about Nicky and hear her music at www.nickybaker.com


The Power of Playing Live Shows with Rob Meister


In this week’s show we talk with Singer/ Songwriter/ Producer Rob Meister.

  • Rob Meister has a long history of producing hit songs with very talented musicians and is currently recording and preparing to tour for a new solo album.  During his interview we discuss the importance of finding ways to dedicate yourself to your music and how performing and networking alone are often enough to launch an independent music career.

Find out more about Rob Meister here: www.RobMeister.com


The Power of Owning Your Brand with Jamie Martin

In this week’s show we talk with Singer/Songwriter/Performer Miss Jamie.


  • Jamie exemplifies taking Branding to the max.  She covers a multitude of great
    tips for staying true to your creative goals, succeeding as a working musician and identifying your strengths so you can build a team to help maintain a successful independent music career.

Find out more about Miss Jamie here: https://missjamie.shutterfly.com/


Music Marketing & Social Media Tips with Rockstar Braden Anderson

We talk with Braden Anderson- The Drummer for a talented Desert Rock band called The Strange.


  • We cover easy to understand tips about the benefits of a quality website, social media platforms and the power of having a message behind your music.  Braden also explains how establishing a strong network of supporters in your local community can have great results.

Find out more about Braden and The Strange here: www.strangerocknroll.com


Mastering Promotional Strategies with Andrea D’Agostini

In this week’s show we talk with Rising Crowd President Andrea D’Agostini.


  • Andrea is an Artist, Entrepreneur, Producer, Actor and Host.  He is the President of Rising Crowd, a group of professionals who value the importance of the Artist’s voice and creative freedom.  Andrea has mastered creating promotional strategies and shares his techniques with us.

Find out more about Andrea and Rising Crowd here: www.risingcrowd.com